The cloud monitoring tool built for SaaS.

monn directly connects to your cloud platforms to monitor the health of your services, track their latency, and watch for deployment errors.

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Why try MONN?

MONN simplifies your cloud monitoring.

Your SaaS runs in the cloud, and it needs monitoring. But where to start?

MONN directly connects to your cloud providers and automatically checks for high latency, bad deployments and service downtime — there's nothing to configure, it just works. Oh, and it takes 2 minutes to get started.

Fast setup

MONN directly connects to your cloud providers through their APIs. Just copy and paste your API keys, and MONN will start working automatically.

Service health monitoring

MONN connects to your cloud platforms and alerts you to failing deployments, or services experiencing downtime.

Uptime and latency monitoring

MONN tracks the uptime and latency of each of your services, so you can watch out for high latency or poor uptime.

zero set up

Start monitoring

with zero setup.

MONN doesn't require any setup to start monitoring. Just copy and paste your API keys into MONN to get started.

  • apps, deployments, uptime

    Monitor your

    apps, deploys & uptime.

    MONN automatically monitors your cloud apps, deployments, and uptime. MONN watches for any sign of errors, so you never miss a thing.

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    get notified fast

    Get notified fast

    via email.

    MONN immediately warns you when it detects an uptime or status issue. Currently supports email, with other notification methods coming soon.

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    Frequently asked questions

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    Is MONN available yet?
    MONN is currently still in private beta, as we slowly onboard new users. You can join our waitlist below to get early access.
    Why does MONN need my API keys?
    MONN connects directly to your cloud platforms, through their APIs. Your API keys let us fetch data directly from your cloud platforms. MONN is READ-ONLY and will not modify any of your apps or services, only read in their information.
    Does MONN store my API keys safely?
    Yes. MONN uses AES-GCM encryption to securely store your API keys.

    Need monitoring but don't know where to start?

    MONN simplifies your SaaS monitoring.
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